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ISSF air pistol and air rifle finals scoring overlays:

These scoring overlays are designed to assist in obtaining the first decimal value of a score when using ISSF paper targets. Its accuracy is dependant on the target and the way it is handled.

Instructions for use:

1. Place scoring overlay over paper target with the ring centered over pellet hole.

2. Rotate scoring overlay so that the center line goes through the exact center of the target while maintaining positions of the ring / pellet hole.

3. Observe the numbered scoring lines. The one which lines up exactly with ( or closest to ) a scoring ring on the target indicates the first decimal value of the shot.

Example 1:

The air pistol shot hole is inside 10 ring, interger score = 10.
Scoring line No.5 on the gauge coincides with scoring ring on the paper target exactly, decimal score = 0.5.
Total final score = 10.5.

Example 2:

This air rifle shot hole is inside 8 ring, integer score = 8.
Scoring line No.4 coincides with scoring ring on the paper target exactly, decimal score = 0.4.
Total final score = 8.4.

Note: Scoring line No.5 is close, but not as exact as No.4.

Eagle Eye Scoring Gauges:

Eagle-Eye .177/.22 scoring gauge These precision gauges allow scoring of the target without plugging the hole.

They are particularly useful for scoring multiple holes broken together, or scoring right on the firing line. Only one size left: .32/.38,

V.F.G. Felt Cleaning Pellets

Shoot-through pellets providing easy cleaning of air guns barrels without the use of any potentially harmful chemicals. Comes in pack of 500.

Pellet Match-Box

A .177 match pellet flipper filled directly from a 500 tin. After shaking, the pellets drop into holes right side up and ready to use for a full course of fire. Excess pellets can be poured back into the tin.

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