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If I analyse my mistakes, wouldn't it be a negative approach?
There has been a lot of discussion on the subject of positive thinking in training ( e.g. Lanny Bassham...etc.), and personally I agree with the theory.

However, looking at a target with both good and bad shots does not necessarily construe a negative approach. It all depends on how you use those shots. Instead of looking at the bad ones and started to wonder about yourself, or getting depress at how bad those flyers are, you could have looked at the good ones and recall how you felt when you have those good ones, and record that into your memory for future retrieval. This way, you will not be affected negatively.
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Are you saying by using the Edelmann control targets I do not need a coach?
Absolutely not. A good coach is worth his/her weight in gold. Control targets can give you pointers as to what you are doing, either good or bad. It is then up to you to interpret the results, analyse, and decide what to do next. A coach, if available, will be in a much better position to provide you with guidance. However, when a coach is not available, control targets becomes the next best thing for your training.
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How do you compare Edelmann control targets to electronic targets such as Rika/Noptel/Scatt/Curt?
Electronic targets and the Edelmann paper targets work in very different ways.
Electronic targets allow tracking of your movement in detail, paper targets reflect more of the outcome of your shooting.
So far none of the electronic targets utilize the different shapes of aiming marks for analyses, so they cannot replace the value of the Edelmann targets.
Also, there is big difference in price between the two types of targets.
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I think the Edelmann control targets are too expensive.
Edelamnn targets are made of very high quality paper that cuts well. One target can be used for many shots with well defined holes for your study after each practice session.
Cheap targets use paper that tears easily and, after a couple of shots, you have difficulties trying to identify the shot placements. There are people trying to bake these cheap targets in the oven to make them more crispy and hoping to get clean cuts. You can be the judge if this is something you want to do: the time, the effort, the electricity, and the risk of fire?
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