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Electronic earmuffs

Digital Worktunes 26:
New Digital Worktunes provide workers with the protection they need and the enetertainment they want.

* Easy fingertip controls
* 5 FM/AM station presets
* Volume limited to safety level 82 dB
* Gel/foam cushions for comfort
* MP3 cord included
* Long lasting battery power

Colour : Charcoal grey.
Weight : 556 g
NRR : 26 dB.

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SportTac ( Tacitcal Sport ) employs a unique digital audio circuit which eliminates the unpleasant and disruptive abrupt sound cut-off that is found in many other electronic earmuffs. It responds smoothly and gently to loud impulsive noises with lightning speed so the cut-off is hardly noticeable. Ambient sound is reproduced or amplified to produce a natural directional feel.

* A J22 input jack allows connection to external audio devices via optional patch cords
* Two sets of headset cup covers supplied ( black and orange )
* Uses two type AAA batteries for up to 600 hours
* Can be modified for use with 2 way radios using optional communication kit and PTT adapter cables
* Folds to small size for storage

Colour : Black and orange.
Weight : 318 g.
NRR : 20 dB.

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Tactical Pro:
When clear ambient sound and voice recognition is required in your noisy environment, rely on the latest line of electronic headsets from Peltor. The Tactical Pro has been designed with a unique frequency response that amplifies signals, voices and warning sirens while at the same time instantaneously suppressing dangerous impulse noises.

* auto power off after 2 hours idle
* touch pad controls for on/off and volume up/down
* ambient sound amplification limited to 82 dB
* audio jack for radio connections via optional cable
* uses 2 AA batteries for up to 270 hours
* audible signal for low battery power

Standard models include folding, neckband, or hardhat versions.
Communication models have boom mic installed, comes in headband, neckband, or hardhat versions.

Colour : Charcoal grey.
Weight : 325 g
NRR : 26 dB.

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Tactical Surround is the new improved version of the legendary Tactical 7 S electronic earmuffs. It offers electronic suppression of dangerous impulse noises common to industrial users and shooters, along with amplification of ambient surrounding voices, important signals and warnings. The electronics are designed to limit amplified sound levels to 82 dB. Two microphones on each cup pick up and reproduce ambient noise in stereo for true directional hearing. An audio jack allows connection to external devices via optional patch cords. Intrinsically save version available.

Colour : Grey.
Weight : 325 g.
NRR : 25 dB.

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Sound Trap features individual amplifiers in each cup with separate on-off / volume controls. It is very light and compact ( foldable ). It is most suitable for outdoor shooting and hunting. An audio jack allow optional connection to CD players, cassette players, or two-way radios.

Colour : Military Green.
Weight : 250 g.
NRR : 19 dB.

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PELTOR TACTICAL 6-S STEREO EAR-MUFF Tactical 6-S is very similar to Sound Trap, except that it is in charcoal grey, and does not have a jack for radio connection.

Colour : Charcoal grey.
Weight : 250 g.
NRR : 19 dB.

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Alert is a unique headset which:

1. has built-in AM/FM stereo radio,
2. allows you to listen to the environment ( tactical function ),
3. is an effective hearing protector with NRR = 25 dB,
4. has an audio input jack for CD player ...etc. via optional cable,
5. can be converted for 2-way communication headset with optional mic kit and PTT adapter cable,
6. uses 2 AA batteries for up to 250 hours,
7. available in headband or hardhat versions.

Colour : Red.
Weight : 400 g.
NRR : 25 dB.

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Worktunes 22 is an alternative to the original Worktunes AM/FM stereo earmuffs. It has a slimmer cup design, featuring AM/FM toggle switch, on/off volume control, high sensitivity antenna, and operates on two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries ( lasts up to 180 hours ).

Colour : Black/grey or black/orange.
Weight : 340 g.
NRR : 22 dB.

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PELTOR PTL EAR-MUFF PTL - Just Push to Listen!

One push on the button on the PTL earmuffs allow you to listen to speech and sounds "outside" of the earmuffs clearly and safely. The PTL automatically returns to its full protection of NRR=26dB after 30 seconds.

Want to listen again? Push one more time.

Want to shut off before 30 second is up? Push the button.

Colour : Black and grey.
NRR : 26 dB.

For parts, see below.

Workstyle is a high attenuation hearing protector with a built-in high sensitivity FM-stereo radio. The sound level from the earphones is limited to a maximum of 82 dB(A). A flexible 15 cm antenna and low profile controls makes it easy to use. Uses two 1.5 volt type AA batteries.

Colour : Red.
Weight : 340 g.
NRR : 24 dB.

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Accessories for above headsets:
FL6Naudio input cable with 3.5 mm stereo plug
FL6Haudio input cable with 3.5 mm mono plug
MT70-FL6ABcommunication kit with boom mic, for Surround, Sound Trap, or Alert
( requires PTT adapter cable )
MT90-FL6ABcommunication kit with throat mic, for Surround, Sound Trap, or Alert
( requires PTT adapter cable )
HY79hygiene kit for Tactical Surround or Alert
HY67hygiene kit for Tactical 6S
HY67GNhygiene kit for Sound Trap
HY68hygiene kit for ComTac
HY53PTLhygiene kit for PTL earmuffs
HY80gel sealing rings ( pair )
M41/2foam windscreen for Tactical Surround microphones
M60/2foam windscreen for Tactical 6S, Sound Trap and ComTac
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