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ComTac II Headset with optional flexiboom mic installed
ComTac II with optional flexiboom mic installed. ComTac II worn under a helmet
ComTac II worn under helmet.
ComTac II / Swat-Tac II Headset

Advanced electronic design will allow for continuous communication on 2-way radios even when batteries fail, only talk-thru feature is inoperable until batteries are replaced.

Cup microphones provide talk-thru listening capability. Electronics will instantaneously suppress harmful impact noises to 82 dBA inside the earcups, while amplifying up to 18 dB ambient noises/voices.

Uses 1 AA battery in each cup, up to 270 hours battery life, water resistant battery housing design.

Excellent helmet clearing - compatible with MICH, PASGT, and ACH helmets.

Noise canceling flexible "gooseneck" microphone.

Input jacks on back of each cup for right or left boom microphone placement.

The Comtac II also available as Swat-Tac II, which is black instead of military green, and has only one input jack on the left cup for the boom microphone.


MT70-FL6AB boom mic communication kit
MT90-FL6AB throat mic communication kit
MT21-FL6AB flexi-boom mic communication kit
FL50** PTT adapter cable for 2-way radio
TK55 finger operated remote PTT button
HY79 hygiene kit
HY80 gel sealing ring ( pair )
HY100 disposable absorbent paper liners
FP9007-US headset carrying bag
M60/2 foam windscreen for cup microphones - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banner.