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ComTac Ballistic Headset with a boom mic installed
ComTac with optional boom mic installed
ComTac Ballistic Headset

The ComTac is designed specifically to be worn comfortably under a helmet, allow communication over the radio and directly person to person, be used with different kinds of weapons without being in the way, and at the same time protect effectively against harmful noise levels.

A "hearing" hearing protector
The ComTac is an active-volume hearing protector. The two microphones pick up ambient sound and amplify it in true stereo so you can tell the direction from which the sound comes form. A volume control lets you decide the level of amplification you want. Any impulsive harmful noise is immediately attenuated to a harmless level. When the harmful noise subsides, the hearing function resumes.

Reliable communication
The ComTac is equipped with an audio input for connection to an external radio. The system for external radio communication and active-volume work independently of one another, providing extra high reliability and increased safety. Even if the ComTac is switched off, it can still receive external radio signals. A boom mic can be mounted and connected easily to facilitate two-way communication.

Highest possible comfort and convenience
The ComTac is designed to be worn by a soldier all day long comfortably. The cups will fit under the helmet and to be used with different types of weapons without being in the way. The controls are well protected from the elements and yet easily accessible even with gloves on. The headband ensures an ideal pressure around the entire ear, guaranteeing excellent attenuation properties and high comfort. It is covered with leather, and is collapsible for compact storage.

ComTac worn under a helmet
ComTac folded up
ComTac Features:

1. Extra wide collapsible headband.

2. Specially designed cups to fit under helmet.

3. Individually sprung bands provide even distribution of pressure around ears.

4. Low, two-point fasteners for easy height adjustment with no protruding points.

5. Soft, broad ear cushions with built-in pressure evening liquid channel provide low pressure but effective sealing.

6. Audio input for connection to an external radio.

7. Battery cover for easy battery replacement from the outside ( two alkaline AA 1.5 volt batteries supplied ).

8. Microphones pick up and amplify ambient sounds in true stereo.

9. On/Off and volume control are digitally controlled with two well protected but easily accessible buttons on the right cup.

10. Dynamic boom microphone can be installed easily for two-way communication.

ComTac Data:

* Active-volume function in stereo.

* Last volume setting is stored when powered off.

* Automatically switch off after two hours if no function is used. Two signals are emitted as a warning that the ComTac will switch off in one minute if no function is activated.

* Battery life is up to 250 hours. Three warning signals are emitted every 30 seconds for five minutes when power is low, then the headset switches off.

* Polarity protection of the circuit if the batteries are inserted backwards.

* The Active volume will be attenuated down to about 30 dB when an external radio signal comes in through the audio input.

* External signals will remain audible even when the batteries are dead and when the ComTac is switched off.

* Weight = 315 g.

* NRR = 20 dB.

A new model Comtac II is now available. Click here.

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