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Parts and Accessories:

May not look exactly as shown.
HY10 - For H10 cups
HY9 - For H9 cups
HY7 - For H7 cups
HY6 - For H6 cups
HY3 - For H31 cups
HY67 - For Tactical 6
HY67GN - For Sound Trap
HY68 - For ComTac
HY73 - For Worktunes, LiteCom, Tactical 7
HY79 - For Swattac, HT, MT, LiteCom, PowerCom Plus, Surround
HY80 - Gel-filled sealing rings for all models
HY100 - Disposable pads for all models

FP9007-US - Heavy duty carrying bag protects your headset from dust and moisture

MT21 - Flexi-boom microphone ( shown left )
MT70 - Metal boom microphone ( not shown )
MT90 - Throat microphone ( shown right )

TK55 - Ring PTT assembly for finger operation
PTT adapters - See MT-series page.
For items not listed, please inquire.