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Peltor MT series communication headsets exhibits exceptional versatility along with the protection, durability and comfort you expect from the worldwide leader in communication headsets.

The noise cancelling microphones reduce background noise during transmission allowing for
clear communication - even in the most extreme noisy environments.

With a large selection of radio push-to-talk (PTT) adapters available, these headsets can be used
with most existing radio systems or cell phones.

Headset codes:
MT = two-way headset
MT7 = two-way headset with boom mic
MT32 = two-way headset with center-mounted mic
MT9 = two way headset with throat mic
H79 = H79 cup
A = headband
B = neckband
P3E = for slotted hard hat


This headset has wide, softly padded headband for all day comfort. A newly designed H79 cup is deeper and provides more ear room.

NRR = 25 dB

Weight = 315 g.

For parts, see below.


A neckband version when least interference to the headgear is necessary.

NRR = 25 dB

Weight = 300 g.

For parts, see below.


Designed to be used with slotted hard hats.

NRR = 25 dB

Weight = 345 g.

For parts, see below.

Technicla Data:
MT7H79* headset - 230-ohm earphones with 0.5 to 1.4m connector cable with Nexus TP120 type connector ( 1/4" 4-conductor ).
MT7 microphone - dynamic differential microphone
Frequency range: 70 - 9000 Hz +/- 6 dB
Sensitivity as lip mic: 4 mV/220
Impedance: 230
Noise suppression: 12 dB at 1kHz.

Fireman series MT51H31B-C0226

Beveled cup for optimum fit under fire helmets. Neckband minimizes interfere with helmets or shrouds. Velcro straps overhead add to security.

NRR = 25 dB

Weight = 300 g.

For parts, see below.

Throat microphone with earpiece MT9HTM05

Peltor's throat mic/earpiece combination is specifically designed for situations where boom mics are ineffective or cannot be used, such as when respirators are used and 2-way communication is essential.
It is most suitable for emergency response teams, hazmat teams, or rescue teams. It is lightweight, compact, and will not interfere with most face gear or head gear.

Note: The earpiece does not provide hearing protection. If hearing protection is required, the throat mic can be used with other MT-series headsets instead of the ear-piece.

Other versions of MT headsets:
MT32H79A headband model, center mounted boom mic.
MT32H79P3E for slotted hard hat, center mounted boom mic.
MT9H79A headband model, throat mic.
MT9H79B neckband model, throat mic.
MT9H79P3E for slotted hard hat, throat mic.
Specialty Headsets:
MT7H79A-C0127 iden/cell phone/Nextel headset, with 2.5mm stereo plug
MT7H79A-C0056 direct plug-in for Motorola GP300, GTX, P1225, CTR series - PTT via radio
MT7H79A-C0055 direct plug-in for Motorola HT750/1250/1550 - PTT via radio
MT7H79A-C0047 direct plug-in for Kenwood TK250/260, 350/360 - PTT via radio

Peltor FMT100 Intercom Amplifier Features:

* Widely used in motorsport, the FMT100 can also be used in industrial applications. Simply hook up two MT-sereis headsets to the supplied cable adapters. PTT adapters are not needed.
* The FMT100 provides a full-duplex connection with a special frequency filter for extra high sound quality.
* Splash-protected design with cables heavily shielded with heat-resistant polyurethane.
* Power supply from a 9-V battery (10Ė20 hours operating time) or from a carís 12-V system using an FC15 battery eliminator.
* One mike sensitivity is set at 10 dB lower than the other to establish priority. This feature can be disconnected in the amp.


FMT100 intercom amplifier
MT9 optional throat microphone
HY73 hygiene kit for H7 cups
HY79 hygiene kit for H79 cups
HY80 gel sealing ring ( pair )
HY100 disposable absorbant paper liners
FP9007-US headset carrying bag
M40 foam windscreen for MT7 microphones

PTT adapter cables for UHF/VHF two-way radios:
FL5014 GP300, GTX, SP50, P110, P1225, CT250, CT450
FL5018 HT1000, MT2000, JT1000, MTS2000, MTX838/2000/8000/9000
FL5030 HT750/1250
FL5012 All Sabre and Astro models( digital and analog ) - requires mating 6-pin hirose accessory connector
FL5017 Visar, XTS3000 ( reqires Motorola adapter BDN6676 ),
EX500/600 ( requires Motorla adapter PMLN4455A )
FL5081 SP10, SP21, Spirit Pro
FL5010 IC F3/F4
FL5035 Kenwood TK220/320, 240/340, 240D/340D, 208/308, 430/431, 250/350/353, 260/270, TK360/370, 248/348, Free Talk, Free Talk XL, Pro Talk
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